The Club That Wouldn't Die
The Club That Wouldn't Die


Crown Ground BB5 5BX


Formally the sports ground for Ewbank Works, the Crown Ground on Livingstone Road became the home of the new Accrington Stanley Football Club.

Aerial image from 1960's showing the ground on the left with both football and cricket pitches plus tennis courts! 

The Crown Ground before the club arrived.


First game at the Ground v Formby, August 15th 1970.


Dressing Rooms (left) and first 'Stand' (right) under construction.


The Clubhouse with the first 'Stand' on the left.


Crowds filling the Stand and Clubhouse side of the ground.


Digger on the pitch trying to sort the ongoing drainage issues 1980.


Rebuilding of seating area (left) and clubhouse extension (right).


Seating in front of the clubhouse v Gateshead FA Cup 2nd Qualifying Round October 1st 1983.


New covered stand next to clubhouse (left) and construction of the cowsheds (right) on

the Whinney Hill side of the ground in 1988.


Clubhouse extended and new Main Stand 1990's. Floodlights installed in 1986.


Coppice End (left) & Clayton End Goals (right) 1990's.


The Crown Ground ready for Northern Premier League football in the early 1990's.


New roof added over stand and clubhouse (left) and construction of the new

Main Stand (right) early 2000's.


The Crown Ground during the Conference years.


The Crown Ground now a Football League venue in 2007. The roof being added over the Clayton End.


The Crown Ground in 2016.


Cowsheds demolition 2018.


The new Whinney Hill Stand takes shape 2018.


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Accrington Stanley "The Club That Wouldn't Die".